“Josefine Grimm-Blenk started working for us in early January 2016. Her role at this point was to assist with barn duties and care for the animals within her charge. In May 2016 Josefine was given the title of Barn Manager. Her duties were expanded to include managing the new students who came on board and the full time running of our yard. Josefine showed great capacity to take on the roles that were assigned to her and she executed them very well. Her time keeping was excellent and she was very friendly and capable with clients. Josefine has a lot of enthusiasm for projects and completes them to a high standard. She also showed great interest in areas that she would be less familiar with and learned how to do these very well. Josefine works well on her own or within a group and can be trusted with executing important tasks. She has an excellent work ethic and attention to detail. Josefine completed her time with us in May 2017. We would highly recommend Josefine for whatever position you may be considering her for.”

Chris & Sarah Brady
3 Star Parelli Professionals
Kildare, Ireland