As a full-time VA, I take on short and long term projects, as well as a few clients with regular and continuous work. How many depends on the hours the clients require. Please don’t hesitate to ask about my current availability.

My standard hourly rate is 25€ / hour.

If you would rather agree on a fixed price for a particular project, that is also a possibility. In that case, please send me an email at so we can discuss the project and price.

What You Get Besides Your Finished Project

I use triggerapp as a basic CRM and time tracking software, which means I can offer my clients an efficient workflow and precise invoices. I can even invite my clients to triggerapp and let them see and edit all projects under that client. That means you can follow my workflow real time, if you wish. You have the ability to set tasks or edit them and you will be able to see my changes or if I log time on any of your tasks. This creates a timesheet, which in turn can be translated into an invoice. You are welcome to both, if you see it necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.