Web Design

I also offer basic web design for clients. Here are different websites I have designed to give you a feel for the extent of the web design. 

Websites For Small to Medium Businesses

Client: Myself
Website: You are here. www.josefinegrimmblenk.com
Project: The goal here is to eventually create a bilingual VA business website. Clients started recommending me to other people, who didn’t always know what a virtual assistant is or does; especially in Germany. Hence, I want to offer a bit of information about what a virtual assistant does, how you can benefit from one and what kinds of tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant. I wanted to use this opportunity to not just design the simplest template possible. Instead, to use most, if not all, the features of the theme in a way that they are compatible and it doesn’t get overcrowded or overwhelming. Since I designed this website from scratch, there are no before & after samples.

Client: FOKUSWERTE (Testimonial Coming Soon)
Website: In The Progress Of Making. NOT YET ONLINE. Coming Soon . . .
Project: The task is to redesign her website to suit her current business model and represent her growth and advances in mind set.

Here is a sneak peak.



Website now includes a few special features such as an About Me Excerpt on the Homepage with options to follow on social media, as well as a photo slideshow with quotes (header section on homepage). More to come soon…


Blog Design . . . Coming Soon . . .