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These resources have been created for you if you are thinking about starting your own business, already in the process of setting it up, within the first few years of your business or maybe you’re going through a generational handover in the business.

Here you will find tips, shortcuts, exercises, tools, information and more on how to save time and money on design for your business. 99% of businesses require an online representation, a logo, a business card, etc. nowadays. It’s part of the time we live in.

Here is your first tool: don’t see design for your business as a chore or a must have. See it as an opportunity to distill your essence on paper or digitally. That is, to really know and show what you’re about and how you can help change people’s lives and with that the world. Every step counts, no matter how small. Step out of the bubble “It’s all about me.” and expand into a space where you are focusing on what your customer needs and desires.

There are so many brilliant creatives out there capable of bringing  a lot of beauty into this world through their artworks, designs, photographs, movies, dances, music and everything else they are talented at.

You are a creative, if you have a passion for transforming something. You could be a creative in the digital space and transform a message and a person into an online presence as a web designer. Maybe you are offering digital design, print design, corporate design, marketing materials, packaging, branding, etc. Or maybe you are an artist creating dance, music, paintings, pictures, movies, etc.

A common theme among creatives in this time is that they often have trouble selling their creations or themselves as an artist. Most of them don’t even like to think about this side of things or have a lot of resistance to learning about marketing, etc.

Here is your first tool: The world deserves to see your creations and experience them, no matter what your passion or talent is. To have this happen, most of you will need to set up a business or become a freelancer. Here are tools to get you into the topic, whether you are just beginning this journey or you already have a business, but it is not going as well as you would like.

Most art schools, universities and colleges will teach you the skills to become a great artist, but generally they don’t tend to offer you much skill in earning a living. Let’s change that now.

What do spirituality and business have in common? You. A business cannot exist without people and people, whether they are aware of it or not, are spiritual beings in a body. This is a great time of awakening and a lot of people are confused as they become aware of their capabilities of multidimensional perceptions. They don’t really understand what’s happening because society is only beginning to speak of this openly. So you still have to do a lot of hard digging before you start to figure out what’s going on.

Then there are those who are very aware of their multidimensional consciousness. They are already living their life consciously and expanding their skills in healing, channeling, mediumship, psychic abilities, etc, etc. Just like creatives, we intuitives often have a hard time earning a living or even figuring out how to present ourselves to this world that is only just beginning to get a big push in awakening. How do you market to someone who is only just waking up without freaking them out? Haha. Plus there is still a strong belief going around that it is wrong to earn a living with your spirituality. Let’s all do ourselves a favour and stop aligning with that energy. Instead, align with the knowing that you deserve to be your infinite self in this physical body, that there is space and demand for your skills and it is a safe time to live this openly.

Whether you are just waking up and discovering your own spirituality or you are using your gifts to support others in the process, here are resources for you on how to bring your spirituality into your business. For some of you this may mean simply using your gifts in your daily life to supercharge your life, but not necessarily step out into the open as an intuitive. This is not only possible, it is also needed to transform old systems. Thank you for stepping up to the job! For others it may mean taking that step and saying “here I am, all of me” and making this into a way of life, including a business.


Here you will find resources about the absolute basics. I have traveled extensively in my life and it is important to keep the doors open for all cultures! In the west we call it spirituality, in the east we may call it yoga. It is all the same. Each culture simply packages it differently according to their societal norms and offers different tools. My personal mission here is to really stick to the core, the safe and fun stuff.

Because so many are waking up at the moment, it can get a bit confusing when you start researching what’s happening to you. There is so much information out there and it all says something different. That’s because each of us goes through their own experiences. Personally I’m grateful and happy that so many are stepping out with such an abundance of representations. If we only had “one way to experience spirituality”, then a certain group would align with this and everyone else wouldn’t be able to identify with it. That would be tragic. So the abundance and variation of tools and representations is a blessing. On the other hand, it’s very easy to get caught up and lost if you don’t know what you’re doing. Which most of us don’t when the process starts.

So that is my guided mission here, to get you grounded and give you some tools that are readily available everywhere. To give you these tools in a solid structure that you can always return to if you get a bit caught up or decide to take a detour. There will be lots of links to guided meditations, etc. It’s so important to stay grounded in this time. I will let these resources flow and will write what I am guided to write about. For now this will be the grounded side of your spirituality and how to fully integrate it into your every day life. Mystical musings will probably be put on a different website in time ;).


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