What exactly is a virtual assistant, how can they help you and what can you delegate?

A virtual assistant is usually someone who is self-employed or owns their own home-based virtual assistant business. If it does not require physical presence, a virtual assistant can do it! VAs tend to focus on a skill set in a certain area of work.

Some VAs specialise in office management and can do anything from organising your schedule for you, booking meetings, travel bookings, initial and follow-up conversations with clients, screen your emails, personal tasks like sending out all your Christmas and Thank You cards to clients, and so much more.

Other VAs will have a focus on writing, producing content and translating. Nowadays, more and more business owners have online business or businesses with a large virtual presence. This requires a lot of upkeep for your websites, blogs, social media account, posts, tweets, etc. These routine tasks of implementing processes to make sure everything is running, can all be outsourced to a virtual assistant. From creating and sending out your newsletter, managing your social media accounts and posting on a schedule, to turning raw content into a beautifully designed blog post and linking it up with photos and relevant links from the rest of your website.

VAs also work in terms of projects. Say you need to have a website designed or you have one but aren’t happy with it since your business has developed a lot in the recent year. If the VA has the necessary skills, they can fix that for you.

How do you know if you need a virtual assistant?

There are lots of articles out there that give you signs of how to recognise when you could do with a virtual assistant. Some of those articles, I have linked for you below. What I like to tell clients and potential clients is the following:

Make three lists:

  1. What tasks need to be done personally by me?
  2. What tasks could be delegated?
  3. Go through both lists and highlight where you spend most your time.

You should be spending most your time in the first list, as the business owner. More than that, you should be spending your time on INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES. Most non-income producing activities can be outsourced!

How do you benefit from a virtual assistant?

Other than freeing up your time, virtual assistants can save you money! When you’ve got a virtual assistant, you don’t have any expenses in terms of office space for them or even health insurance and pension rates, depending on what country your business resides in.

Don’t forget that virtual assistants are self-employed and have to pay all these expenses (health insurance, pension, etc.) themselves! This means the hourly rate will be higher, but you’re still saving money. Hourly rates vary greatly depending on the skills you are asking them to use and also depending on what country the virtual assistant resides in, as their living expenses will vary.

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