Website Design

I design and build websites for small to medium businesses. This is a special BUSINESS SETUP offer, which means it will be a simple, yet professional website to give you an online presence and make it easier for clients to get in touch with you.

Getting a fancy website designed by designers who do nothing else, will usually cost you a few thousand Euros and rightfully so. It’s a big job! If you are just starting out or growing to a point where you need online representation, but don’t want to spend thousands of Euros, then I can offer you a simple way to get started.

This website will leave you looking competent and professional, impressing your clients and customers for just 750 EUR.

  • A simple (max. 20 pages), yet professional looking website.
  • A website that shows who you are as a business and has character.
  • A website that is attractive and does not look like it was made in two hours with any old website builder.
  • A website that will put you on the map in the online world and make it easier for customers to find you.
  • SEO ready.
  • Website will be done in 2 – 7 working days.

Should you want a website that has more pages because you present a lot of information or you want certain features added like possible payments and bookings, etc. please send me an email and we can discuss a fair price.

I also offer short and long term website maintenance, should you wish to spend more time working on your business rather than in it.