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Meet the Core Business Awareness Process.

Positioning & Strategy

Positioning yourself clearly and having a concise positioning statement will allow your clients to quickly and easily identify who you are. Instead of casting a wide net and speaking to everyone, this will allow you to speak to specific client groups and exceed their expectations.

With the information age we are in, it is easy to learn a great number of things in a short period time, simply by going online. Because of this, your potential clients are most likely looking for an expert, instead of someone who knows a bit about everything. Targeting everyone or “as many as possible” can often create a situation in which no one feels spoken to.

Developing your positioning means your potential clients can pre-select themselves. They will also immediately recognize you as a service knowing your services are offered precisely for them.


Basic Branding is a necessity for any business. This doesn’t have to mean packaging or merchandise. Instead, it can be as simple a business card, website and a presentation deck.

Basic Branding is what gives you a coherent look that represents you well in all situations and allows your customer or client to recognize you instantly.

This is how you speak to your client and how they perceive you when you do not have them in front of you or they don’t know you yet.


This is not merely the next best marketing strategy – there is a reason this is titled awareness. Through client profiles and client user stories we can develop an action plan for what needs to happen. This may be a marketing strategy, but it may also mean you have to change an internal process to transform how the client interacts with you, etc.

How well do you know your clients needs? Are you exceeding their expectations by anticipating their challenges and offering a solution upfront?


Working in close collaboration with trusted web designers and hosting services, we develop responsive websites with elegant user experiences. This leads to high quality websites cohesive with your positioning and branding. We have a great network of creatives to draw from for bigger projects that include websites – be it photographers, copy writers, designers, filmmakers, etc.

The Core Business Awareness Coaching will provide us with the important input, including user stories and feature prioritization. We can use this to create website with a solid concept that will stand the test of time over the next few years, even if your company grows. From a brief prepared specially for web designers, our partners or a designer of your choosing can let their creativity loose and offer a great design with superb function for your business.

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In the Mentor Program we continue to support you after the Consulting and the primary set up. This is for the determined and aspiring individuals and businesses who want to break through to the next level and keep on going.


Personal Consulting

We will develop a tailored strategy for your business to grow and succeed. You will be coached through the entire Core Business Awareness process one on one, including positioning, basic branding, awareness, client profiles, user stories, feature prioritization, etc. 


Workbook & Templates

The workbook and other templates will allow you to follow along and keep track of your insights. This process was made so that you can get to know it as the valuable tool it is and use it anytime in the future. 


Concept for Design & Marketing

Whether you are in need of design (print, digital or web) or not, we can develop any concepts for design here to keep for later or implement right away. We will also figure out your priorities. What are the most important steps to take right now?



Sometimes this process has a way of showing up more than you expected and it might take a while to implement your action plan or any new areas that opened up. Mentorship will be valuable guidance to keep you accountable, to challenge any hurdles and as a sparring partner for new ideas.

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