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Hi there, my name is Jo. I have many passions in this life, but the biggest one is definitely supporting people in getting to know themselves and growing.

The greatest thing that you can do in life is to live to your peak and to set an example that there to live is a way beyond all limitations. – Sadhguru

How I Ended Up Being A Virtual Assistant

Horses happen to do a fantastic job of helping people to get to know themselves and growing! So much in fact, that it happens quite naturally that you reach your limits with horses – whatever they may be in life. A horse is a great teacher! However, they do have a different psychology and way of communicating than us and that’s where I come in. I don’t consider myself a typical riding instructor. Much more than that, I act as a translator between the two species. I decided to make this my profession and started studying full time in April 2015. Having passed the major exams, I have one more course left to do in 2019 to get my licence and then the never-ending-self-improvement continues.

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Working at equestrian yards isn’t always the easiest job and you usually don’t get paid for it if you are there to study, or get paid very little. That’s how I became a virtual assistant in 2015 – by accident more or less. I was looking for a job that would help me fund the most necessary expenses whilst I spent my daytime studying horses. That’s exactly what I found, not knowing it was ‘a thing’, a real job and there are plenty of people doing it. Very quickly, I found myself really enjoying the creativity I could let out in the job, the diversity of work and of course the flexibility to continue my studies.

Why I Am A Virtual Assistant

My VA business gives me the opportunity to learn everything I can about business from all sorts of angles that I would never get to see otherwise. One lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore all those directions, if you are the one doing them, rather than supporting someone. Being a virtual assistant is a wonderful way of supporting people in getting to know themselves and growing. By freeing up the client’s time, they now have the choice to spend it on the important things in life. You are the essential ingredient to your business. Without you it wouldn’t exist the way it does. So unless you are growing, your business won’t grow.

I look forward to getting to know you
and supporting you in your business.
– Josefine Grimm-Blenk