Have a virtual assistant today and
grow your business tomorrow!

Free up your time by letting me implement your plan for you, to improve results and spend time on important things that get your business to the next level.

What tasks can you delegate to a virtual assistant?

Allow me to swiftly guide you through the services I can provide for you below.


Blog & Website Management

Looking after your blog & website, to make sure all daily and weekly processes are completed as necessary to have it look smart and professional. This can include managing newsletters, proof reading, editing and social media connections. Continue reading “Blog & Website Management”

Customer Support

I’m a full-time VA, which means I can offer my clients extensive availability throughout the week. This comes in particularly handy for customer support.


I have extensive experience in research, from getting an overview of a topic and pulling together a summary to academic publishing standards from studying Chemistry and Biology at University Continue reading “Research”

Design & Layout

I would gladly help you create your business documents, presentations, flyers, and other materials you may require, ensuring brand recognition throughout different types of documents & templates. This can include proof reading and editing.


I grew up bilingual in English and German. Moving countries every 2-3 years on average as I was growing up, gives me a good cultural feel on how both languages are used in different countries and regions. Continue reading “Translations”

Office Management

Savvy in CRMs & similar software, customer support, client acquisition, emails, bookings, proof reading, editing and more.

Event Organisation

finding & booking facilities,
…and more.