Basic SEO – only 5 min extra per post

basic SEO

If you are one of the following, this post about basic SEO strategies is for you:

  • just started a blog, wanting to get
  • blogging consistently, wanting more viewers
  • still setting up a blog, not sure what this encompasses or how to go about it

What you will learn in this post about basic SEO strategies:

  • how to set it up free of charge –
    particularly within wordpress
  • what to pay attention to – the most important stuff! – not getting distracted (shiny ball syndrome)
  • how to get into a routine so that using this strategy becomes effortless for future posts

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Real quick piece of info here.

I greatly dislike it when people say they are going to do something and then don’t stick to it. I know I had mentioned that posts, especially in the blogging strategies category were going to come regularly after exams. I know some of you are waiting for those! It is after exams and they are not. I want to apologise for this!

One of my horses just died and he was a great partner in life. I need a bit of time to digest that, care for the other and get the new horse settled in right, while still doing things at Uni.

My post on SEO is half written. I will do my best to hopefully get it finished this weekend!!! Please bear with me as life happens!

Writing a Blog Post – Tips

writing a blog postUsing strategies when writing a blog post is important! You want to make it as easy as possible for your readers!

Sometimes the title of a blog might be interesting, but you don’t feel like reading it because all you can see is this huge chunk of text. Or worst, more than one huge chunk of text!

If you use the simple and few following strategies your readers will be thanking you!

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WordPress Themes – which do you choose?

So you have just set up a blog on wordpress or are thinking about doing this.

You have a domain but are not sure how to continue now? How do you know which wordpress themes are good and which are not?

The most important thing to think of when choosing a theme is…

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Improve Productivity – Become a Self-Management-Ninja

Improve ProductivityHere is a quick and easy way on how to improve productivity and become a self-management ninja, using the time you have wisely.

Have you ever noticed how there are some people that are incredibly productive and seem to do a million things in a day?

Well, we all have the same amount of time in a day, so what makes these people so much more productive and the others burn out?

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Get What You Want In Life

get what you wantHere is a really SIMPLE way to get what you want in life. Notice I didn’t say ‘easy’. 

When you are asked how you are doing…what is your response?

If your answer is ‘fine’, then this blog post is speaking to YOU!

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3 Steps on How To Make Your Video Go Viral

how to make your video go viral

I recently found this 7 min TED Talk on how to make your video go viral and thought I would share for those of you who are interested in achieving this.

Be it internet marketing or fame that you are after! :P

So what exactly makes a video go viral?

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