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Just a quick note to let you know that I am combining my blogs into this one and currently adding to this topic. A lot of the images can not be copied and pasted and they are an essential part of most of the posts… so bear with me until I have all this uploaded to this site.

I will remove this update once they posts are complete! :)

Thank you for your patience.

All the best and a very Merry Christmas!!


Day 10 – Ciao Venezia!

Today we left Venice. We quickly cleaned the house after breakfast and headed off to the parking garage.

Home exchange really is a fantastic way to travel! We would not have been able to live the way we did in Venice if we would have had to pay for accommodation. There are quite a few properties available for home exchange in Venice and also some apartments for rent.

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Day 9 – home sweet home

This morning I got up quite early and at half past eight was walking across the Campo to the local supermarket called Punto with music in my ears and the sun shining hot and bright, to get some groceries and head back to the house for breakfast. Right then it hit me, this place already feels like home :D I am guessing it is due to my TCK background that it doesn’t take me long to call a place home. It’s as if I have been living here for months now. I know my way through the streets and where to get what I need for the best deal and the best taste.

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Day 6 – Sand, Waves, Dan Brown and Sun

Today I don’t have much to write as we spent all day at Lido beach. This was the first time we went earlier than 2 pm and it rained a lot yesterday – the difference was phenomenal. Usually water is very quiet and shallow, topped off with a jelly fish here and there. Today there were 0.5m waves and lots of them! I love wave riding so I had a lot of fun. If you don’t like it you should visit the beaches in the afternoon :P The water level is much higher up the beach in the mornings as well and recedes rather quickly after lunch.

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Day 3 – Windows, Beach, Sunset, Mail Boxes and Channels

There are a million pictures you could take of Venice, only to be left with a million more to take. ┬áThere is so much to see, that you don’t see much at all unless you stop and give yourself time to watch the city live. The past few days I have been fascinated by how many types of windows they have here! Even though there are architectural themes spread across the city, each house looks so unique. Just when you think you can predict a pattern, you are surprised by something that was entirely uncalled for! This uniqueness is also the reason that everything could potentially “look the same” if you weren’t paying attention to details. That is what made me decide that today I would be focusing on just windows instead or randomly snapping photos of everything I see.

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